A collection of safe and effective home remedies and herbal cures from Ayurveda .

Sunday, October 31, 2010

An easy remedy for itching and rashes in winter-2

This is as told by Pandita Elchuri.
Crush Ajwain seeds (100 gm) and jaggery(100gm) and mix and store this mixture .Eat a small marble sized ball of this mixture 2 times a day.This also reduces the itching of the skin.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

An easy remedy for itching and rashes in winter-1

In winters or rainy seasons some people may suffer from severe rashes and swelling and the skin becomes red and looks parched and dry.Sometimes it is also painful and anti histamines or moisturizing lotions help only to a certain extent.
        Mustard oil helps a great deal to overcome this problem.Moisten the skin with water and then apply this mustard oil on the skin.Leave it on at least for half an hour before washing it off.Regular application of this oil greatly reduces this problem.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A simple recipe for Indigestion problems and children's health

Kasyapa Lehyam


The name of this lehyam or Ayurveda aushadham is "Kasyapa Lehyam".The recipe is recommended by Panditha Elchuri.

Ingredients needed:
Jeera (cumin seeds)-100 gm
Candy sugar (Mishri)-100 gm
Cow's Ghee -100 gm.

Method of preparation:

Dry roast Jeera and cool and powder.Sieve and powder again.Let the powder be very fine.
Powder the candy sugar.
Mix both the powders.
Add melted ghee to the powder.
Store this lehyam in a glass jar and always use a dry spoon to scoop it.

Eating a teaspoon of this lehyam (medicinal paste) an hour before dinner is very useful in relieving all kinds of digestion problems.This removes the weakness in children and keeps them in good health.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mudras for healing-Part-9-Anjali Mudra or the Namaskaram pose

This Namaskar pose where the palms are pressed against each other lightly to greet others or to pray is a Mudra.
This reduces the stress and anxiety levels in a person and also brings one to a meditative state.
This form of greeting is always better than the handshake as there is no transference of germs of any negative unwanted vibrations from the other person.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mudras for healing-Part- 15 -Apan Vayu Mudra or Mritasanjeevani mudra

Apana Vayu mudra
This mudra is a combination of 2 mudras.It is also called the Mritasanjeevani mudra because it is extremely beneficial for the heart.
The tip of the index finger is pressed to the base of the thumb and the tips of the middle and ring fingers are brought to the tip of the thumb.The little finger is straight.

Duration-Can be done for 10-15 minutes a day .
Benefits of this mudra:
This Mudra is very useful for people who have heart problems.Regular practice of this Mudra prevents heart attacks,Blockages,Reduces angina and also normalizes the rate of heart beat.
       This mudra also reduces gastric trouble.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mudras for healing-Part-8-Prithvi Mudra

The tip of the ring finger is brought to the tip of the thumb.
Benefits of this mudra:
  1. Makes the skin glow.
  2. Makes a person enthusiastic and positive minded.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mudras for healing-Part-7-Surya Mudra

Surya Mudra

The ring finger is pressed down with the thumb and the other fingers are upright.
Benefits of Surya Mudra:
  1. Regular practice of this mudra helps in reducing weight.
  2. It is very good for curing thyroid related disorders.
  3. Keeps the mind calm
  4. Promotes digestion.
  5. Reduces laziness
Can be practised for 5-15 minutes a day.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mudras for healing-part-6-Prana Mudra

Prana Mudra-photo author:Madhavi Madhurakavi

Touch the tips of the ring finger and the little finger to the tip of the thumb.The other 2 fingers are straight.
Benefits of this powerful Prana Mudra:
  1. It is very beneficial for "Eye problems".This helps in reducing the power of the spectacles.
  2. Helps those suffering from from vitamin deficiency.
  3. Reduces fatigue and tiredness.
  4. Improves the immunity of a person.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shunya Mudra-Mudras for healing-part -5

Shunya mudra.Photo Author:Madhavi Madhurakavi
The middle finger is pressed down with he first phalange of the thumb.The other fingers are kept upright.It must be done with both hands.It is very good for curing "ear problems".An ear ache is relieved in 5 minutes after performing this Mudra.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Parwal , Potols or Tricosanthes dioica for good health


The Pointed gourd or the Green Potato is very tasty as a vegetable and also full of nutrients.
This is one of the few vegetables which is suitable for all seasons.It is easily digestible,improves digestion,increases appetite,good for decreasing coughs and fevers.It is very beneficial and prevents heart diseases.
When this vegetable is cooked in Cow's ghee with a dash of coriander , cumin powder,pepper powder and turmeric powder it prevents all kinds of diseases related to blood.
Parwal is known to increase the body heat so it is advisable for people to eat this in moderate amounts.Any discomfort which is caused by eating excess of this gourd can be compensated by drinking 2 spoons of fresh coriander juice or a mixture of coriander seed powder+cumin powder+rock sugar powder+Ghee.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mudras for Healing-part 4-Varuna Mudra

Varuna mudra.

Varuna Mudra helps in maintaining the water balance in the body.The tip of the little finger is bought to the tip of the thumb and the other fingers are straight.
Regular practice of this mudra has many beneficial effects.
  • It enhances beauty.
  • It strengthens the body.
  • Reduces the weakness in the body.
  • It is good for colds,coughs,congestion and low B.P.
  • It increases the lustre of the skin and prevents skin diseases and dryness.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mudras for Healing-part 3- Linga Mudra

Linga Mudra .Photo Author-Madhavi Madhurakavi

This Mudra is done by encircling all the fingers and keeping the inner thumb upright.This can be done for 15 minutes a day.It can be done 2-3 times a day but one has to be aware of the heat it generates .

Benefits of linga mudra:
  • This is very useful for coughs and colds .
  • It slowly removes the unwanted phelgm in the body.
  • Also helps to reduce weight.
  • Increases the heat in the body.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mudras for Healing-part 2-Gyan Mudra

Photo Author :Madhavi Madhurakavi

The index finger touches the tip of the thumb and the other fingers are kept straight.Can be done for 10 minutes.
Benefits of Gyan Mudra:
  • Improves the clarity of mind and concentration.
  • Improves memory.
  • Useful for people who sleep more or people who suffer from lack of sleep.That is regulates it the energy flow which helps people with drowsiness or insomnia.
  • Helps control anger

Active Gyan Mudra

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mudras for healing-An introduction-1

Mudras are various strategically planned positioning and pressing of the fingers used for healing ,meditation and concentration.It is also called the   ' Hand yoga' or the "Mudras".
The mudras heal and harmonise the body and the toxins can be removed.
There is a lot of description about this hand posture yoga in the Hatha Yoga.
These hand mudras are also practised in Buddhism.
This is a complementary healing technique which stimulates the necessary glands to promote healing.
Ideally they have to be practised in the mornings on an empty stomach .The person must be seated in the padmasana pose or the sukhasana  and the mind must be kept calm and the yoga must be done with both the hands .But it can also be done anytime in the day in sitting or standing pose when the need arises.
 The fingers should be relaxed and firm and excess pressure should not be used.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A good home remedy for Dandruff with khus khus and milk

This particular recipe is as told by Dr.Elchuri.
Roast Khus khus  seeds (for more info and picture refer the previous post)  and soak them in  warm milk for a few hours.Then grind the seeds to a paste and apply on the scalp.Leave it on for around half an hour and wash off with a natural herbal shampoo.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Poppy seeds (khus khus) aid for Loose Motions

White -Poppy seeds Photo Author: Madhavi Madhurakavi
These tiny seeds  have a good Ayurvedic use.The seeds are lightly roasted and powdered.Half a teaspoon of this powder can be taken along with water to reduce the loose motions due to indigestion.Alternatively this powder can be mixed along with  hot rice with a little salt and ghee and eaten.
Eating more than necessary might cause constipation.
(Dehydration is the most common and sometimes fatal after effect of diarrhea -Doctors consultation should be necessary if problem persists.)
The seeds are called kuskus in most indian languages and gasagasalu in Telugu.
(refer the next post for a good remedy for dandruff with the poppy seeds)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hibiscus flower oil for Dandruff

photo source:dreamstime.com for free stock images
A simple and effective way for banishing dandruff is by applying Shoe flower* oil  .This recipe is as mentioned by Panditha Elchuri garu as "Japa Pushpa Thailam".
Grind  or pound many red single layered hibiscus flowers and extract the juice from them.Take equal quantities of sesame seed oil,mix it with the juice and heat it over very small flame till all the juice of the flower evaporates and only the oil remains.
Apply the slightly warmed oil regularly before sleeping.This will ensure good hair growth and also cure even the most stubborn dandruff problem.

* Shoe flower is also known as china rose,Mandharam in Telugu,Chembaritthi in Tamil ,Gurhal in Hindi and Japa Pushpam in Sanskrit.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kankoda,Kekhsa,Kantola,spine gourd ,teasle gourd or mimordica diorcia-An intro.

It is small ovoid, green and full of soft spines and looks like the sister of Bitter gourd but not definitely not in taste.It is known as Aakakarakaya in Telugu.
photo author Madhavi Madhurakavi.
This vegetable is seasonal and we can find it in the markets during monsoon.
It is rich in fibre and vitamins and used to make subzi and curries in India.
It has many beneficial medicinal properties.
It is cooling to the body,easy to digest,good for cough,fevers,increases appetite and good for the kidneys .Lactating mothers can eat this veggie to decrease the problem of vomiting in infants.
Recent research shows that it has good for diabetics.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beauty with Charoli nuts

Photo Author :Madhavi Madhurakavi.

Charoli ,Chironji or Almondette are obtained from Buchanania lanzan tree.
Crush a few seeds and mix it with milk and apply on face like a face pack.This gives a glowing skin.The nuts have a nutty almond like flavour and are used in sweets in India.They are also called Saara pappu in Telugu,Charam in Tamil and charoli in Hindi.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A simple tip for pregnant mothers...

Take a small piece of Tulasi (Holy Basil ) root and tie it with a thick soft thread around the waist (or like a  girdle) of the pregnant lady.This ensures the overall health of the pregnant mother.
-As recommended by Pujya Sri Asaramji Bapu.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Some ways to protect ourselves from Cell phone radiation and the other radiation dangers

The RF  and electromagnetic waves from various sources these days especially the cell phone towers and mobile phones are very dangerous for plants and animals and also hazardous to humans.

      A few tips as recommended by Panditha Elchuri are given below:
  1. Daily massaging of sesame seed oil on the skin and then taking a bath after half an hour.
  2. Making a mala of Tulasi beads which are  held together by a copper wire should be worn all day.
  3. Wearing a Copper bracelet
  4. Eating Trifala with warm water in the nights.(Pregnant ladies,weak and sick people should avoid taking Trifala)
  5. Taking around 20 gm of aloe vera gel in the evenings with  pinch of sugar.         
All this definitely minimize the effects of unwanted radiation to a great extent.                                                                                                                                                    

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A home remedy for excess sweating of palms and soles

A little of Ajwain * powder is soaked in sesame seed oil overnight - when this mixture is eaten in the morning it reduces excessive sweating of palms and soles.
-as told by Panditha Elchuri
* Ajwain is also known as Omam in Tamil,Vaamu in Telugu and it is similar to caraway seeds.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A simple home remedy for black moles

Grind a few onion seeds with water and apply on the moles.Regular application will lighten the moles.
-As told by Pandit Elchuri.
                       ( The onion seeds however should not be confused with Nigella seeds which are also called kalonji in Hindi.Nigella seeds are different.Onion seeds are much smaller.)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Importance of cookware-Part 5-Use of Bronze vessels

Bronze is an alloy of primarily Copper and Tin.Using them as vessels has many overall  health benefits.It is called Kansa in Hindi , Kanchu in Telugu and vengalam in Tamil.

Happy Dussehra

photo source-wikimedia-public domain image.

Wish you all a very Happy Navrathiri.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Importance of cookware in AyurvedaPart-4-vessels to avoid

It is always better to avoid Aluminium vessels and plates,Plastic vessels (for microwaving),Paper plates ,thermocol plates must be avoided for good health.
Using Aluminium  for long can produce ulcers in the mouth and the stomach,Can cause depression,can affect the brain and heart,Can cause knee pains,head aches,ear problems and also constipation.
 (Some of the materials described were not mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts however research has proved the same)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Importance of cookware in ayurveda-Part3- Plates

Eating in a Silver plate is highly beneficial for ones health.
Alternatively eating in plates made with Palash leaves ,Banana tree leaf and  Banyan Leaves also is very good for digestion .The taste also is enhanced.They are completely safe and bio degradable and very inexpensive and good for health.
Also refer http://simpleayurvedichealthtips.blogspot.com/2010/04/palash-tree-leaves-as-healthy.html

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Importance of cookware-Part 2-Tumblers or drinking glasses

Ideally tumblers or drinking glasses should be made of copper or glass .It is very beneficial if the pot or the water storage can is made of copper or mud.One must always avoid drinking water from cracked pots or glasses.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Importance of cookware in Ayurveda-Using iron vessels-Part1

The utensils used for cooking plays a major role in the health of people.
Firstly the vessels used for cooking should not be used for eating .

Vegetables cooked in an iron pan or skillet are very beneficial .It helps people with anemia.
An iron tava also is good for making rotis.However one must not eat in an iron plate .This makes a person less intelligent.Stainless steel has neutral properties .It is not harmful or beneficial.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A safe and Natural Mosquito Repellent which can be made at home

This recipe is as recommended by Pandit Elchuri which is named  "Masaka vidhvamsini ".
Take equal quantities by weight of 3 easily available powders for this home made mosquito repellent.

  1. Mustard powder  - Dry Mustard seeds in the sun and powder them or alternatively mustard powder is readily available in the market.
  2. Powder of dried Neem leaves.The Neem tree chosen should be old and mature with a thick trunk and bark.The leaves chosen also should not be tender as they don't dry too well.                                              
  3. Powder of  natural sea salt which are available as big crystals.
 Mix the powders and store.

Use it like Sambrani  or guggul.Take an iron bowl with burning red coal in it.Sprinkle little powder in instalments .There will be smoke .Fan the smoke.Let it permeate the room or the house .The mosquitoes fly away because the smoke is unbearable for them.Ideally the mixture should be sprinkled on hot and dried dung cakes .
The smoke is not poisonous .
If a person is allergic to any of the above 3 ingredients used he must  not use this .

  1. Mustard is known a s Rai in Hindi,avalu in Telugu,Kadugu in Tamil.
    3.In Telugu the natural salt is called gadda uppu and in Tamil Kalluppu.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

To reduce the harmful effects of getting wet in the rain-A home remedy

Tuck a clove under your cheek if you have to get wet in the rain.This will greatly minimise the after effects of getting wet.
When one is caught unawares then it is advisable to go home and wipe all the moisture on the scalp and sleep on the left side.This is will stop all the unpleasant after effects of rain.
--As told by Pujya Asramji Bapu.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A herbal insecticide

Nerium oleander-photo released to the public domain by author

As pretty as they may seem Oleander plant is one of the most poisonous plants found on earth.
It is called Ganneru in Telugu,Arali in Tamil and Kaner in Hindi.Care must be taken with children around these plants.
 There is a herbal  insect killer which can be made with the leaves of these plants making use of the toxic properties.
A few leaves of this plant are boiled  in water and sprayed where there are insects .The insects disappear after spraying this poisonous herbal based formula.This is a herbal insect repellent but it is also poisonous.Care must be taken to wash off residues of this spray and  it should not be sprayed around food stuff. Here herbal only means that it is plant based .
-As told by Panditha Elchuri.
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