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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A safe and Natural Mosquito Repellent which can be made at home

This recipe is as recommended by Pandit Elchuri which is named  "Masaka vidhvamsini ".
Take equal quantities by weight of 3 easily available powders for this home made mosquito repellent.

  1. Mustard powder  - Dry Mustard seeds in the sun and powder them or alternatively mustard powder is readily available in the market.
  2. Powder of dried Neem leaves.The Neem tree chosen should be old and mature with a thick trunk and bark.The leaves chosen also should not be tender as they don't dry too well.                                              
  3. Powder of  natural sea salt which are available as big crystals.
 Mix the powders and store.

Use it like Sambrani  or guggul.Take an iron bowl with burning red coal in it.Sprinkle little powder in instalments .There will be smoke .Fan the smoke.Let it permeate the room or the house .The mosquitoes fly away because the smoke is unbearable for them.Ideally the mixture should be sprinkled on hot and dried dung cakes .
The smoke is not poisonous .
If a person is allergic to any of the above 3 ingredients used he must  not use this .

  1. Mustard is known a s Rai in Hindi,avalu in Telugu,Kadugu in Tamil.
    3.In Telugu the natural salt is called gadda uppu and in Tamil Kalluppu.


  1. Second neem powder is very effective

  2. irregular periods and harmones imbalance,and say eatable tips

  3. Do surya mudra, have fenugreek and ashoka arishtam

  4. for how long does this mixture has its effect? I mean do the mosquitos return quickly once the smoke has vanished?

    1. The room must be saturated with smoke and the then the windows are opened for just enough time to drive away the mosquitoes and should be shut again.

  5. this method didn't work as expected.There was a lot of smoke but mosquitoes somewhat bore it for whole time, only a small fraction of mosquitoes got effected.


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