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Monday, November 28, 2011

A simple oil recipe for children suffering from leg pain

School going children sometimes complain of  leg pain. This is a good recipe suggested by Panditha Elchuri.
Athibala * plant leaves are collected and the juice is extracted.It is mixed with an equal quantity of sesame seed oil and boiled over a low flame till all the water content evaporates and only the oil remains.The oil is cooled and filtered and stored in a glass jar.
Apply this oil on the legs and massage gently.This must be done once a day preferably before bedtime.The pain should disappear in a day.

* For more info on Ati bala plant and image  and a tip for knee pain refer :


Monday, November 21, 2011

Dietary modifications for people suffering from high Uric acid levels

Hyperuricemia  is a condition where the uric acid level  in the body is higher than normal.It is not a disease by itself but can cause a kind of arthritis called gout .This is a painful condition where the crystals are deposited near a joint.The high levels of uric acid aggravates some kind of heart problems and it is not too kind on diabetics either.They may also cause kidney stones which do not show up in a normal X ray.

This is a dietary modification suggested by Panditha Elchuri :

Including at least 1 radish a day in the diet will correct the levels of Uric acid.The radish can be consumed in any form--as a vegetable or juice or in  salads
It would be very ideal if the people suffering from this condition avoid non vegetarian food,sugary beverages and alcohol.
there is another tip mentioned in this link for proper kidney function with the help of radish:


(This post is in response to a query from a reader)

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Bombax ceiba or the Silk cotton tree

Bombax ceiba-image in the public domain
This is quite a common tree which can grow to a height of 30 m.They bear small attractive reddish flowers with a slightly bulbous tender fruit under them.The trunk has thorny protrusions and the mature dry fruits burst open revealing a white cottony mass.
Common names in India :
Kapok tree
Semal -Shalmali in Hindi
Unnamurika in Malayalam
Dumboil in Assam
Sittan in Tamil.

the trunk of a bombax-Picture in the public domain -photo author:Michales

The cotton obtained from the fruits are used to stuff pillows .They are fairly priced and it is said the quality of sleep improves when these pillows are used.They can be used by people suffering from insomnia.
            The thorns on the trunk are cut out and the base is rubbed in a circular motion on a rough surface with water.When this paste is applied on acne marks or burn marks the marks lighten significantly .

The lower part of the flower which is actually a glandular ovary is cooked and eaten which increases strength and stamina and reduces urinary problems.

-This info is mostly from the show by Acharya Balakrishnaji from Baba Ramdevji Ashram.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ayurveda help for Baldness

There are many factors for male balding. Age, genes , stress, using harsh chemicals on the scalp and hair , pollution , some medications and the harsh sunlight are some of the most common causes.

This is a simple tip suggested by Panditha Elchuri.
Rubbing a little Radish juice * on the scalp where the hair is thinning out helps the hair to regrow.The juice must be massaged gently on the scalp in the nights before sleeping.It should be stopped for 2-3 days if the person experiences any burning sensation or a rash.coconut oil must be massaged instead.The treatment must  be continued again with the radish juice.

  •    Inhaling Neem oil helps the hair to grow.For more details refer the link given below.

*  Radish-Mullangi-mooli .

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A simple help for arthritis

Make a decoction  of  Giloy plant churna * and Sont churna ( dried ginger powder).Drinking 20-50 ml of this tea will relieve the arthritis pain and it reduces the symptoms. 

Tinosporia cardifolia has innumerable curative properties.
Its also known as Gudichi,Giloy in Hindi ,Thippatheega in Telugu, Shindilakodi in Tamil,Amritaballi in Kannada and Ambrithu in Malayalam.

For more information on Giloy and image refer

(a small quantity of the powders is used)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

An ayurvedic cure for Thyroid problems

This tip is taken from the magazine " Andhariki ayurvedam" by Panditha Elchuri .

Triphala powder-300gm
(equal parts of 3 myrobylan fruits-refer-    http://simpleayurvedichealthtips.blogspot.com/2010/01/remedy-for-constipation.html  )

Deodar stem powder-100gm

Long pepper powder-100gm

More info about long pepper / Java pepper  and the image can be found in this link-It is easily available in all ayurvedic stores.

Deodar is Devadharu tree in many Indian Languages.It has thin leaves and grows to 30m in height.

image in public domain -image source-wiki

5 gm of this powder is taken twice a day with honey for the Thyroid gland to start functioning normally.
P.S. The powder must be very fine.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A simple help for Herpes blisters

Bermuda grass - Cynodon dactylon- image in the public domain -from wiki

Bermuda grass is an extremely common grass found in almost all parts of Africa,Europe,Asia and Australia.

Hindi - doorva grass,doob, Dhoob
Telugu -  Garika
Tamil - Arugam pul
Malayalam -  Karuka pul
Bengali - Dharba

This grass is used to worship Lord Ganesha .

Some readers have asked me cures for Herpes blisters.Hope this helps.

A little rice is soaked in water and made into a paste with Doob grass and applied on the blisters .This helps the sores to heal.

(Taken from  ' Rishi Prasad  ' a monthly magazine released by the Ashram of Pujya Sri Asaramji Bapu.)
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