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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Atibala oil for knee pain

Abutilon indicum-image in public domain

Athibala is a common plant in India.It can be recognized by its characteristic shape of the seed pod. It is one of the plants in the  "Bala Chatushtaya" .Bala means strength in Sanskrit and Chatusta means 4. The 4 plants are Bala,Athibala, Mahabala and NagaBala.All the plants are used as tonics to improve vigour in the body.

Abutilon indicum  - Latin Name
Indian Mallow in English
Atibala  -  Sanskrit
Kangi  -Hindi
Tuturbenda  or Duvvena kayalu -Telugu
Paniyaratutti  -  Tamil

This particular tip is as told by Elchuri.for knee pain

The entire plant is pulled out and washed well and the juice is extracted.Equal quantity of sesame seed oil is mixed with it and heated on a low flame till the mixture stops bubbling.Cool and filter and store in a glass bottle.
This Atibala thailam is rubbed gently on painful knees for the pain to subside.

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