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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Simple Ayurvedic tips for unwanted hair growth -part 1

Excess hair on the face and arms and legs can be a nuisance for ladies.Hair growth can be discouraged with this simple home remedy.

Mix 5 gm rock salt / black salt with 20 gm onion juice.Apply this on the areas where the hair growth is not wanted.This will reduce the growth of the hair on those areas.

This will not act like the hair removal products but regular use will bring good results.

( Hirsutism or growth of excessive hair on the face and chest for ladies is a medical condition which is caused by hormonal imbalances,drug side effects,PCOD s,Thyroid disorders and other unknown reasons .A doctor's advice is necessary at such times.)

The newer posts will have more information....

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  1. I suggest, days before your scheduled unwanted hair, you should moisturize the areas first that you'd like to wax to minimize the waxing pains... and lastly, do a little research about your esthetician and/or salon beforehand.


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