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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bala Bhaskara Lehyam for improving eyesight in children in Ayurveda

This medicinal paste recipe is as told by Pandita Elchuri.

The ingredients needed are available in all Ayurvedic stores.


  • Amla Churna  The powder of dried amla fruits.--Gooseberries in English-Nellikai in Tamil ,Usirikaya in Telugu

-  (Emblica officinalis)  --30 gm

  • Bibitaki  Churnam :  The powder of dried churnam of the fruits  .(Terminalia bellirica)  Tanikaya in Telugu.   -20 gm

  • Haritaki churnam  : 10 gm  Terminalia chebula  :Karakkaya in Telugu.

(The three fruits Haritaki,Vibitaki and Amalaki are mixed in defferent proportions to make the very useful Triphala churna.)

  • Athimadhuram *(glycyrrhiza glabra ) churna :6 gm

  • Pipallu-pipli  - Java pepper -long pepper *--6 gm

  • Mishri --Rock candy sugar  : 120 gm.

  • Cow's ghee--20 gm

  • Coarse salt powder : -6 gm
These 8 powders are mixed well and they are pounded along with honey till a desired consistency is reached.The lehyam must be thick and rollable.
This is stored in a clean dry glass jar.


Children--1-2 gm once or twice a day.One should not eat or drink anything for an hour after taking this lehyam.

Adults: 5 gm once a day and nothing to eat or drink for an hour.

This is excellent for improving eyesight in children  and adults.This will restore the eyesight and there will be no need for spectacles . 

*  more info on Athimadhuram


for image of long pepper and pipali



  1. Is this mixture readily available in the stores? Thanks

  2. No-The individual ingredients will be available though -


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