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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A good tip for belly fat

Mix :
 Juice of 25-30 Holy Basil leaves (Tulsi)
Lemon juice
in a glass of lukewarm water.
Drinking this thrice a week controls obesity,strengthens the heart, improves digestion and detoxifies the body and most importantly reduces the fat in the stomach area.

This is a link to the Hindi video of the same tip by Asaramji Bapu.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Corn silk tea

Corn with corn silk
image from : http://www.wpclipart.com/food/vegetables/corn/corn_on_the_cob.png.html

The silky strands on corn aka corn silk have many medicinal properties.Corn silk from from one ear of corn is washed well and boiled in one and half cups of water for around 5-8 minutes.The tea is filtered and may be sweetened .Drinking this tea is extremely beneficial for people suffering from urinary problems.
Dosage: Once a day for 8 days.
Fresh corn silk is recommended.
It is a common sight to see fresh corn silk being sold along with ears of corn here in Ho Chi Minh city and I think it is smart to utilize nature's bounty and streamline one's health as well.
( people who are allergic to corn and pregnant ladies may refrain from drinking this )

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The lipstick tree and the annatto seeds

Bixa orellana - annatto seeds - image released into the public domain by author Madhavi.

aka Achiote tree , Latkan in Hindi, Sinduri in Gujarati ,Rangmali in Kannada.

These seeds are small and used as a natural coloring agent in foods,crafts and cosmetics.It is also used in recipes because it imparts a rich yellow to orange color to the dish.The red color comes from the rusty coating over the seeds.These hard seeds are usually fried in oil in medium heat for a few seconds and discarded after 1-2 minutes and the remaining annatto oil is used in recipes.
Bixin and norbixin are the main pigments which are responsible for the color. The entire plant has medicinal value but the seeds are especially known to have a protective action on the liver . Pregnant women and diabetics may avoid using this.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A recipe with dried Neem flowers

Dried neem flowers - image released into the public domain  by  Madhavi

Neem flowers can be kept for months in a refrigerator after shade drying. A little ajwain    (thymol seeds , vamu, omam)  is roasted in a few drops of ghee and the dried  neem flowers are added after the heat is turned off. A little salt is added.This mixture is eaten along with a spoon of hot rice.This promotes digestion and kills the intestinal worms.
(This food aid is eaten in a limited quantity)
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