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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A simple help for Herpes blisters

Bermuda grass - Cynodon dactylon- image in the public domain -from wiki

Bermuda grass is an extremely common grass found in almost all parts of Africa,Europe,Asia and Australia.

Hindi - doorva grass,doob, Dhoob
Telugu -  Garika
Tamil - Arugam pul
Malayalam -  Karuka pul
Bengali - Dharba

This grass is used to worship Lord Ganesha .

Some readers have asked me cures for Herpes blisters.Hope this helps.

A little rice is soaked in water and made into a paste with Doob grass and applied on the blisters .This helps the sores to heal.

(Taken from  ' Rishi Prasad  ' a monthly magazine released by the Ashram of Pujya Sri Asaramji Bapu.)


  1. Thank u very much madam for giving a tip for herpes blister cure.
    Like me so many people suffering from Genital Herpes disease. I have searched so many websites and blogs but i did not find Permanent solution for this, and almost all says that there is no permanent solution for Genital Herpes disease.

    But still i believe in ayurveda and i am waiting for permanent solution to prevent this HSV VIRUS TYPE-2(Which is cause of Genital Herpes blisters) from the Human body.

    "Nothing is Impossible for Ayurveda"

    Jai Ayurvedam Jai jai Ayurvedam.

    Thanks alot madam.

  2. Waooow!! Nice blog, this will be greatly helpful.

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  3. Herpes Is a disease which has no cure till now, but some natural home remedies for herpes will help you a lot. These natural remedies will help you to suppress the virus and stay away from it. These herpes home remedies will also make your immune system so strong so that you will able to fight with herpes virus


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