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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Bombax ceiba or the Silk cotton tree

Bombax ceiba-image in the public domain
This is quite a common tree which can grow to a height of 30 m.They bear small attractive reddish flowers with a slightly bulbous tender fruit under them.The trunk has thorny protrusions and the mature dry fruits burst open revealing a white cottony mass.
Common names in India :
Kapok tree
Semal -Shalmali in Hindi
Unnamurika in Malayalam
Dumboil in Assam
Sittan in Tamil.

the trunk of a bombax-Picture in the public domain -photo author:Michales

The cotton obtained from the fruits are used to stuff pillows .They are fairly priced and it is said the quality of sleep improves when these pillows are used.They can be used by people suffering from insomnia.
            The thorns on the trunk are cut out and the base is rubbed in a circular motion on a rough surface with water.When this paste is applied on acne marks or burn marks the marks lighten significantly .

The lower part of the flower which is actually a glandular ovary is cooked and eaten which increases strength and stamina and reduces urinary problems.

-This info is mostly from the show by Acharya Balakrishnaji from Baba Ramdevji Ashram.

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