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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dietary modifications for people suffering from high Uric acid levels

Hyperuricemia  is a condition where the uric acid level  in the body is higher than normal.It is not a disease by itself but can cause a kind of arthritis called gout .This is a painful condition where the crystals are deposited near a joint.The high levels of uric acid aggravates some kind of heart problems and it is not too kind on diabetics either.They may also cause kidney stones which do not show up in a normal X ray.

This is a dietary modification suggested by Panditha Elchuri :

Including at least 1 radish a day in the diet will correct the levels of Uric acid.The radish can be consumed in any form--as a vegetable or juice or in  salads
It would be very ideal if the people suffering from this condition avoid non vegetarian food,sugary beverages and alcohol.
there is another tip mentioned in this link for proper kidney function with the help of radish:


(This post is in response to a query from a reader)

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