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Friday, October 22, 2010

Parwal , Potols or Tricosanthes dioica for good health


The Pointed gourd or the Green Potato is very tasty as a vegetable and also full of nutrients.
This is one of the few vegetables which is suitable for all seasons.It is easily digestible,improves digestion,increases appetite,good for decreasing coughs and fevers.It is very beneficial and prevents heart diseases.
When this vegetable is cooked in Cow's ghee with a dash of coriander , cumin powder,pepper powder and turmeric powder it prevents all kinds of diseases related to blood.
Parwal is known to increase the body heat so it is advisable for people to eat this in moderate amounts.Any discomfort which is caused by eating excess of this gourd can be compensated by drinking 2 spoons of fresh coriander juice or a mixture of coriander seed powder+cumin powder+rock sugar powder+Ghee.

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  1. People must eat this in the winter as it increase body heat


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