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Monday, October 18, 2010

Mudras for healing-An introduction-1

Mudras are various strategically planned positioning and pressing of the fingers used for healing ,meditation and concentration.It is also called the   ' Hand yoga' or the "Mudras".
The mudras heal and harmonise the body and the toxins can be removed.
There is a lot of description about this hand posture yoga in the Hatha Yoga.
These hand mudras are also practised in Buddhism.
This is a complementary healing technique which stimulates the necessary glands to promote healing.
Ideally they have to be practised in the mornings on an empty stomach .The person must be seated in the padmasana pose or the sukhasana  and the mind must be kept calm and the yoga must be done with both the hands .But it can also be done anytime in the day in sitting or standing pose when the need arises.
 The fingers should be relaxed and firm and excess pressure should not be used.

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  1. Benefits of hand mudra are many but introduction provided by you is great


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