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Friday, October 29, 2010

A simple recipe for Indigestion problems and children's health

Kasyapa Lehyam


The name of this lehyam or Ayurveda aushadham is "Kasyapa Lehyam".The recipe is recommended by Panditha Elchuri.

Ingredients needed:
Jeera (cumin seeds)-100 gm
Candy sugar (Mishri)-100 gm
Cow's Ghee -100 gm.

Method of preparation:

Dry roast Jeera and cool and powder.Sieve and powder again.Let the powder be very fine.
Powder the candy sugar.
Mix both the powders.
Add melted ghee to the powder.
Store this lehyam in a glass jar and always use a dry spoon to scoop it.

Eating a teaspoon of this lehyam (medicinal paste) an hour before dinner is very useful in relieving all kinds of digestion problems.This removes the weakness in children and keeps them in good health.

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