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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Prickly chaff plant or Apamarga or Uttareni plant-Uttareni oil recipe for reducing fat deposits-part 2

The thailam made from the juice of the Uttareni plant is highly recommended by Dr.Elchuri for reducing the fat deposits.
The recipe is as given below.
Wash the leaves and stems of Uttareni well and drain off the excess water.Extract the juice of the plant and measure.Add equal quantity of Sesame seed oil* to it .Pour the mixture into a heavy bottomed pan and stir the mixture frequently over very low flame till all the water evaporates.Cool and filter and store in a clean dry glass jar.
The oil must be warmed slightly and massaged over areas which have more fat deposits.The general problem areas are the thighs and the tummy areas and at times the upper arms.One must wait for an hour for the oil to seep in and then take a bath.This helps in toning the skin .The body looks younger and thinner.
 (this oil is for external application only)

The previous post has more info and an image.

*sesame seed oil / gingelly oil / nuvvule nooni /nallennai/oil from sesame seeds.

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