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Friday, December 17, 2010

4 Winter health care tips

Sont *water works well for colds and other problems in winter:Refer the link for more details:

Sont -jaggery-ghee mix for winter season:

Mix 2 gm of sont powder,10 gm of jaggery and little Cow's ghee and warm in a vessel till the jaggery melts.Remove from flame-mix everything well .Eating this mixture on an empty stomach wards off colds and other breathing problems.

Preventing Colds:
Sucking on 2 peppercorns for a while will prevent colds and coughs in the winter season.

Suryabedhi Pranayam:

The person should be seated comfortably with spine erect.
 The thumb of the right hand is placed over the right nostril and the index and middle fingers are used for closing the left nostril.
Inhale slowly through the right nostril to full capacity and close the right nostril with the thumb.
Now exhale through the left nostril.
This is one set.
Doing 10 sets a day is recommended in the beginning which can be increased till 15 but only according to one's capacity.
This must be done slowly and gently .The nostrils must be closed very firmly but without undue pressure .
 This must be done in winter months but in very cold places it can be practiced during the winter and summer months. 
(this is a very basic kind of suryabedhi-there are many more alterations and modifications but this works well enough for beginners)

  • It aids in digestion
  • Prevents coughs and colds
  • Said to delay old age
  • It is said to ease ladies of their menstrual problems.
A word of caution:this should not be practiced by people who are suffering from high B.P ,Heart diseases and asthma.

* Sont-dried ginger,sonti in Telugu,chukku in Malayalam and Tamil.

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