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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Significance of Thoranam / Bandhanvaar

Hindus festoon the upper frame of their  main door with mango leaves and marigold flowers on festivals and auspicious occasions.
The twigs of the green mango leaves and the orange flowers serves as a decorative and also has a lot of  medicinal value.
The threshold * below is smeared with a lot of turmeric paste and dots of vermilion kumkum  on it makes it a very pretty site.
During functions or poojas and rituals the main door is flanked by banana saplings or trees.This completes the picture of a religious ceremony.
The significance of the thoranams being:
     The saplings and the green mango leaves give a lot of oxygen which is needed in the surrounding area .
The leaves and turmeric have germicidal (anti-germ) properties.
The mango leaves  and the marigold flowers also give a lot of positive vibrations which helps the people who gather in that place.
Marigold flowers repels mosquitoes and some insects.

* Chaukat in Hindi and Gadapa in Telugu.

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