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Monday, December 6, 2010

Ajwain or vaamu lehyam -an excellent recipe for indigestion

English-Thymol seeds,carom seeds
 The recipe is similar to Kasyapa Lehyam as mentioned in this post

Ingredients needed

Ajwain -100 gms
Cow's ghee-100gm
Mishri-Rock candy sugar-100 gm

Powder the rock sugar.
Melt the ghee.
Dry roast the ajwain and powder well and sieve.Mix the powders and add the ghee.
The mixture sets into a lehyam.Store in a glass jar.
Eating one spoon of this lehyam an hour before dinner cures most of the stomach problems.It decreases flatulence,eliminates all kinds of gas problems .Children may be given a little more than half a spoon.

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