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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mallotus Phillippensis or the Kamala tree

Kamala tree:Photo source:J.M.Garg GNU free documentation license from wikipedia.

It is also known as the Dyer's rottlera tree or the Monkey face tree.
Hindi name: Kamala , Kapila , Sindhuri tree, Rohini tree
Tamil name: Kapila poti
Telugu:  Kumkuma chettu
Sanskrit name :  Kampilyaka

The red berries are used to dye wool and silk.It has many medicinal properties .
   This small tip from Baba Ramdevji's ashram is:
The juice of the red berries can be used a sindoor  on the forehead for ladies.This will very good for the health  and reduces their gynec problems.

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