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Monday, December 20, 2010

Castor plant leaves for increasing milk in lactating mothers

castor oil plant-ricinus communis-image in the public domain from wikipedia.

Castor bean plant or Wonder tree :
Latin name:Ricinus communis
Telugu name:Amudhamu mokka
Hindi name for castor oil:Erad ka tel
Tamil name for castor oil:Vezhakennai
 The seeds of the castor bean plant are highly poisonous but the commercially prepared oil has no such toxic properties and it is safe.

The leaves of this plant are boiled in water.The water is poured over the chest area of the mother and the leaves are tied like a poultice on the area.This  is said to increase the production of milk in a lady.

  There are many galactagouge herbs(which increases milk production for a mother) in Ayurveda and the simplest being fennel seeds.Eating  fennel seeds (saunf) helps the mother to a great extent to increase the secretion of milk.


  1. Castor seeds are also used for medicinal and lighting purposes. To more about uses of castor seeds find here http://www.oilseedsshop.com.

  2. Oh' really? That's a good news.... I had no idea!


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