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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prickly chaff plant or Apamarga or Uttareni plant-an intro-part 1

  • Uttareni plant-Rough chaff.

Latin name : Achyranthes aspera

English : Prickly chaff ,Rough chaff,devil's horse whip

Hindi : Latjeera,Chitchita

Sanskrit : Apamarga

Telugu : Uttareni

Tamil: Katalati nayuruvi

  • Rough chaff plant has many medicinal properties and used in many different schools of medicine and folklore.
  • This is also a 'potherb' (green leafy vegetable) .
  • However pregnant ladies must avoid using the leaves juice either internally or for external application.It may induce abortion .
  • Different parts of the plant are used to expel the foetus,to clean up the uterus,to induce labor pains in a lady, to treat a lady's menstrual problems, to treat habitual abortions and also to increase fertility in women.
  •  The infusion of the whole plant is used to treat coughs,colds.
  • The powder comes in useful to treat different kinds of urinary tract infections,digestive disorders and also to treat high BP.The juice of the plant is also used to treat skin infections.  
  •   Some studies have shown that this plant when taken internally it  increases the thyroid hormone in rats.
  • There is also a claim that' Renal dropsy '- (a condition where there is an accumulation of watery fluid beneath the skin due to a malfunction of kidneys.) can be cured with the help of the plant's infusion.

(the subsequent posts will describe some of the medicinal uses)


  1. Can any one tell me ..were we can buy uttarani leaf????????

  2. Hi.. Can u tell me were we can get uttrani leaf ya ??????????

  3. Hi Pradeep-
    Uttareni is a very common plant in India.It can't be missed especially on wastelands and along roads.
    The seeds tend to cling on clothes.

  4. hi can u kindly confirm is it safe to use this oil externally i am trying to concive?
    i am rubbing this oil over stomach

  5. Hi (Anonymous)Please do mention a name next time-It will be easier to address you -
    The extract of this plant is used as a abortifacient and for anti fertility treatments and post pregnancy treatments in folklore medicine of some parts of Asia, Africa and India. Rubbing the oil only on the stomach will not do any harm - but it is always safe to avoid using this during pregnancy.

  6. hi madhavi thank you for the reply
    i am Sneha

  7. Hi Sneha- - I wish you all the best...

    1. hi will it help to reduce the weight and if it possible how to use it

    2. Hi - the tip is more for toning the belly and not so much for reducing weight .

  8. hi..
    is dis really work?
    wid dis uttareni leaf can we reduce weight..?if s , how to preapre and apply dis?
    anyone rply to dz...

  9. one must brush their teeth with uttareni(achyranthus aspera)according to vedas.

  10. After reading the article and seeing images I could find the plant and made the oil.- tvraao

  11. I want to buy this leaf in Hyderabad is it available please suggest
    my father in law want it for some medicine

    1. I bought the oil in an ayurvedic outlet near Madinaguda in Hyderabad.I am not sure about the leaf.

  12. Hi Madhavi will u plz tell me the Shop Address of Madinaguda in Hyderabad where can i get this oil
    Thank you

    1. It is opposite to Archana hospital - A shop called Youngever. Also above the prestige showroom.

  13. I am from bangalore where is uttareni leaves available here can we buy this any where online with low cost


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