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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goddess of Mercy - Kwan Yin Mother

Kwanyin mother-photo released to the public domain by Madhavi Madhurakavi.

Mother Guanyin or Qwanyin is the mother of Compassion worshipped in most parts of China,Japan ,Korea,Vietnam and others where Buddhism is followed.
She is the thousand armed and thousand eyed mother and also called the Mother of fertility and it is believed that all health problems vanish just by uttering her name.
She may also be represented like a man and she is also immortal.She carries a crystal vase in one hand and the legend goes to say that it is the water  meant for creation .Some also interpret that the water is for healing people as she is the one who "Listens to all the sounds (sorrows) of the world and rushes to help them.
Her crown usually has the "Amitaba Buddha".
She generally is represented like a  self luminescent lady with a  long flowing  white gown holding a Willow branch or a rosary.
 The picture is a photograph of my own statue which I bought in Vietnam and I'm very proud to have her in my home.


  1. Madhuri!! may be the photo you have put up in the blog itself bring us some benefit. Godess may shower her mercy on us. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Uma-How are you?Thank you once again for ur wishes -btw -I am Madhavi not Madhuri : )


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