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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Medicinal properties of the Liquorice Plant or Glycyrrhiza glabra.3- To regulate periods in women and cure menstrual problems

Recipe with Liquorice root for gynec problems:
Pound 100 gm raisins and 100 gm Athimadhuram root powder together.the mixture looks like a paste.
Eat 10 gm of this mixture and then drink milk before bedtime.
 This is especially useful for ladies who get their periods twice a month.
It is also useful for men's health.
It is very useful for people who feel excessively sad without any appropriate reason.
---This recipe is as told by Pandit Elchuri and  the name of this is  "Draksha Rasayana".
However high B.P patients and people suffereing from kidney problems and pregnant ladies can avoid this lehyam.

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  1. Women must read this article as it is very beneficial for them


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