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Monday, November 8, 2010

Rubia tinctoria or Manjishta-an Introduction

Rubia tinctorium or Manjishta-image in the public domain.

English name : Common Madder,Indian Madder
Latin name : Rubia tinctoria
Sanskrit : Manjishta
Hindi  : Majith
Tamil : Manditti
Telugu : Tamarilli

The leaves are star like and are like whorls around a central stem.It can grow up to 1.5 m in height but the stems are very weak.It produces black berries .The roots are reddish and is used as a dye.

Manjishta in Ayurveda:

It is used as a blood purifier and in digestive disorders.The root  is also used in many skin diseases and detoxification of body.The menstrual cycle also is regulated by using this root infusion.
The leaves tea are also used in treating epilepsy.
However it should not be taken in large amounts and pregnant ladies and lactating mothers can avoid the use of Manjishta.

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  1. Good purifier manjista is and helps in digestive problem


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