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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A natural way to prevent Liver problems with Tamarind.

Latin name: Tamarindus indica
Hindi : Imli
Tamil : Puli
Telugu : chintapandu.
English : Indian date,Tamarind

Tamarind flower-image in Public domain released by James Conrad.

Tamarind fruit is used in Indian cooking and many Ayurveda washes and preparations.This method of keeping the liver healthy is suggested by Pandita Elchuri.
Collect a lot of Tamarind flowers when in season and dry them well in an  airy open space.Store the dried flowers well in a dry place in a glass or ceramic pot.Check it frequently for any kind of fungal attack.
  These dried flowers can be used in the place of tamarind or when a sour taste is required.They can also be added to veggie side dishes.This small dietary change does a lot of good to the liver and protects it.

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  1. Thanks for providing such way as i have a live problem.


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