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Saturday, January 29, 2011

White onion help for excess urination problem

10 gm of white onion juice is mixed with honey and water and taken in the mornings on an empty stomach.This decreases the excess urination problem to a great extent.


  1. I have urine problem basically urge n the quantity is less my bladder relax n contracts something lyk day d doctor said but I have no pain or any other prob related to my urine only thing is I feel lyk going in 30min 15min..n I don't understand wsta the matter in rainy n winter seasons sometime I go in span of 5min anyways one more time I also have gas prob vomiting sensation at nights but ever since I have started d ginger wala technique of its m feeling better thanks...n one more thing for how many days this onion wala process should b continued in morning any time duration


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