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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Justicia adathoda for Tuberculosis

Malabar nut-picture author:Shine B.Under GNU free documentation license. from wikipedia.

Tuberculosis can be a fatal disease which is caused by Mycobacterium.It is feared because of its infectious nature.It mostly attacks the lungs but it can attack other parts of the body like the heart,brain,kidney,intestines and bones.The person affected might have to be very careful and take the medication regularly and follow other dietary rules and generally boost his own immunity and fight the disease till it is out of his system.
                   The plant in focus today is the Malabar nut which has very beneficial properties for all kinds of cough including the persistent cough caused by T.B.
Sanskrit name: kaph hari,simhi ,
Tamil : Adathodai
Telugu : Addasaram
Latin : Adathoda vasica
Malayalam: aadalodakam
Hindi : Adusa,Arusa.

20-40 ml of the adathoda leaves juice is taken along with 10 gms honey thrice a day .The cough and the other symptoms definitely reduce.

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