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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Roti recipe for constipation

Mix one spoon of castor oil in approx. 100 gms of whole wheat flour and add a little water to make a  stiff dough.Roll it  out to make a roti. Roast both sides of this flat bread with cow's ghee.Drizzle little sugar on it when warm.
Eating this for dinner will clean the intestines and the solve problem of constipation.

(The castor oil used should be of edible quality.)


  1. Hey,

    How long should we do this? Should we eat only this roti r any other item with it?

  2. This roti may be taken for a 3- 6 days with boiled veggies....ideally speaking...

  3. How to come out from the initial problems of piles?


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