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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Acalypha indica-Khokli or Kuppi -For skin diseases-Part 1

The entire plant is pulled out and washed well.It must be crushed and the juice is extracted.200 gms of this juice is mixed with an equal amount of sour curd and 30 gm of Camphor*.
 This mixture is transferred into a mud pot.Place the lid and tie the  mouth of the pot with a cloth and string and leave it for 2 days without shaking it.
Open it up after 2 days and stir the mixture well.This is an excellent skin cream for almost all types of skin diseases.
Rub it on areas which are most affected.It may burn for a few seconds but it is very effective and works well even for stubborn diseases like eczema and scabies.
Rubbing it all over on a large affected area may not be a good idea as it may cause a burning sensation.It may be washed off with warm water after it looks dried.
When this is done for 3-4 times--most of the skin conditions and itching and rashes improve.

_This tip is as mentioned by Panditha Elchuri.

* Camphor-Kapoor,Karpooram.

See previous post for introduction.

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