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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vishnukantha Plant root for a safe delivery

The root of the Aparajitha plant is broken into small pieces.  They should be knotted up with a red thread to make a chain.

  • When this mala is worn around the neck it prevents fevers .
  • It also reduces the symptoms of Jaundice.
  • When a pregnant lady wears it around her waist it ensures a safe and normal delivery .This must be worn by the lady a few days before the predicted date.This can prevent even  a C-section .(see previous posts for more uses of this plant)
This plant is called Dintena in Telugu.
Latin name:Clitorea ternata


  1. What is the famous name by which vishnukantha plant easily found from plant nursurey

  2. What is the famous name by which vishnukantha plant easily found in plant nursurey. I ask from many people for this vishnukantha plant but no body known the plant by this name..

  3. Hi Vishal
    This link will give you the image

    It is known as Aparajitha and Sankpushp ,Sangu poo in Tamil ,Sankha pushpam in Telugu -however refer to the image and be sure.It is called Butterfly pea in English.It is a very common climber in India which has shell shaped flowers and comes in 3 main flower varieties--white,violet and purple. Hope this helps...

  4. sehdaie " bhi aisa plant hai jo inhi dino use kiya jaat ahi kaha jata hai ki wo swarglok ka paudha hai...

  5. aprajita (vishnukanta) mare tya ghana plant chhe. I have many plants in my house garden

  6. i do,nt know
    whose vishnu kanta plant

    kya kala vishnu kanta hota h
    agar hota h
    to yeh plant kaise milega
    kya karna padega
    please agar kisi ko malum h
    to mughe jarur msg kare
    mob 7830036012
    name ravi saxena


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