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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A good cure for psoriasis and other skin problems

Uproot the Argemone plant(see previous posts for more info)wash well and extract the juice. 500gm of this juice is mixed with 1Kg of sesame seed oil/  til oil  and heated on a low flame till all the water evaporates and only the oil remains.This  is cooled and filtered and stored in a glass jar.Application of this oil gives immense relief from psoriasis,eczema and other skin ailments.


  1. Dear Madhavi,

    Got to know about your blog through Indiblogger. Really appreciate the efforts you are taking to spread the knowledge you have gained.

  2. Where is this plant usually found. Do we need to uproot the whole plant to get the juice from the whole plant or just to use the leaf juice. Is this available in Ayurvedic store. If so pls let me know - KAMATH

  3. The plant is found in wastelands and along roads in India-It is very common.It is spiny looking and bears yellow flowers.the entire plant is uprooted and used.You may include or exclude the root but the entire plant is used for making the oil.You can also refer this link for further help in identification
    The leaf juice is not available in Ayurvedic stores-as far as I know.

  4. I have researched on so many herbal plants found in the Nepal Himalaya for a long time by which I have also found so many species of such medicinal plants like Satyanishi. It is also called sano kanthakari in Nepal. Obviously, this plant is very important in Ayurveda treatment system. This plant is found naturally in Nepal on the banks of the rivers and roads as well. Thanks to all.


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