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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A very simple cure for diabetes

This cure is unique and simple as told by Pujya Asaramji Bapu.
Take half a kg of bitter gourd.It is called Karela in hindi,kakarakaya in Telugu and pavakkai in Tamil.The vegetable need not be fresh . Wash and cut the gourds and place them on a big flat plate .Now stamp crush and roll the pieces for 45 mins with your feet.The crushed pieces release the juice which enters the body .When this is done for 7 days the blood sugar levels drop.
This is a very effective and sure method for curing diabetes though a little patience is required.


  1. I am 48 years old diabetic woman.My utrus removed in 2007.

    I have pigmentation on both sides of my cheeks,back side of collar and foot.My body is sweating frequently.Please give me some suggetions.

    1. Madam - I am not a doctor -So I cannot give you any suggestions - but clicking on the 'Diabetes' tag below my post will link you to many other tips.Hope it helps.


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