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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The healing properties of aloe vera gel.

Preparation of Aloe vera gel:
Choose a fresh ,healthy ,bright and mature looking green leaf.Cut the leaf at an angle from the plant and wash it with warm water.Take a sharp knife and slice off the spiny thorns on both the sides.Now slice the thick green portion of the leaf .This exposes the colorless and clear gel inside the leaf.Take a spoon and scrape out only the gel taking care that the green portion of the leaf is left behind.This colorless pulp is tasteless and clear.
When 2 spoons of the pulp is taken internally on an empty stomach it reduces gynec problems,cures constipation,flatulence,burning sensation while urinating and nausea .This also cures Hepatitis B and it also increases the platelet count.
----As told by Baba Ramdev.
Pregnant women and people suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome should not consume aloe vera juice.The yellow sap from the leaf is known to have very harsh laxative properties so care should be taken to exclude that from the juice while preparing it. 0.3% of people are allergic to aloe .Incase of any symptoms discontinue the use.

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