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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coriander seeds water or Dhaniya water

Method of preparation:
Boil   1 litre water with 1 and half spoons of coriander seeds till it reduces to 750 ml .Cool and filter.This water is coriander seeds water.This is cooling to the body .Drink this through the day.
Diseases cured :
* Used to treat dry cough due to excess heat in the body.
*Very useful for people suffering from yellow coloured loose stools.
*Used to cure excessive thirst.
*It reduces nose bleeding.
*Very useful in controlling bleeding piles.
*When mixed with rock candy sugar/ mishri -It detoxifies the body which has been succumed to any addictive substances .
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  1. very simple and useful tip

  2. Hi i have heard about the benefit of coriander seed water to weight lose,is it true?


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