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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 tips for Men's health

Tip 1
10-20 ml of white onion juice
5-10 ml of honey
5-10 ml of ginger juice
1-2 gm of ghee
Drinking this for 21 days will decrease the problems related to men's health.

Tip 2
2 gm of Aswagandha churan*  is mixed with a little ghee and rock sugar powder and taken along with milk.

Tip 3
A small ripe banana is eaten along with 6 gm of ghee twice a day .

For more info on Aswagandha refer:


( the tips are taken from the book Arogyanidhi published by Asaram bapuji's  Ashram under the section  'Veerya vruddhi' For more tips in Hindi one can refer to this site:
http://hariomgroup.org/hariombooks/satsang/Hindi/Arogyanidhi.htm )

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Reiki - an introduction.

Reiki is a healing practice originally developed by Mikao Usui. 'Reiki ' in Japanese can be roughly translated as the universal life force.

Mikao usui -image source: wiki - picture in the public domain.

Anyone can access this energy and heal themselves and others after an attunement from a master.The masters are specially trained to initiate people who are interested in learning .
The healing takes in the physical and emotional levels.This process of initiation takes less than a day and the reiki energy is initiated to the persons system.It is practiced by people of all faiths.There are generally 3 levels in Reiki .
Symbols and crystals are sometimes used to enhance the reiki energy.

Generally while healing, the reiki practitioner and the healee experience a sensation in the hands.It can be felt as  a soft warmth or a tingling sensation.Sometimes there is no sensation but the  healing happens.
 The practitioner need not exert physically or emotionally.The flow is not affected by the health of the healer and it flows according to the needs of the healee.
  Reiki works well on animals and plants and sometimes helps in easing situations.
Reiki does not have any side effects though at the beginning of the treatment some people may experience some unpleasantness because of the initial healing process and the deblocking.
Reiki does not interfere with other branches of medicine or meditations.It always treats at the root cause level so an accurate diagnosis is not necessary.
Everything has to be substantiated with tangible scientific proof to get the  stamp of approval from  people and reiki is no different.A lot of research has been carried out in the magneto-biology field where effects on magnetic fields on living systems can be measured with instruments like SQUID and magnetometers.These instruments have measured reiki energy . Kirlian photography also explained some aspects of reiki.
In spite of all the proof of  reiki is not decoded.There are still many mysteries about the science waiting to be solved.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mudras for healing - Part 11 - Uttarabodhi Mudra

Uttarabodhi mudra  or the mudra of Perfection or Supreme enlightenment or the Mahadhairya mudra.

Uttarabodhi mudra(-image is copy righted-do not use without permission.).

The index fingers of both the hands touch each other.The thumbs are crossed and the other fingers are intertwined.
There are slight variations in this mudra where the tips of the thumbs are pressed against each other ,the index fingers are upright touching each other and the other fingers are just bent pressing the palm.
This mudra can be practiced for fearlessness .This is an ideal mudra for people who lack self confidence and suffer from stage fear.This mudra can be practiced by students who feel jittery before exams or people who get nervous before job interviews.Practicing this mudra is said to give an inspiration flash for problem solving.
The recommended duration is :  15 minutes 1-3 times a day.

Being courageous is just one of the obvious change occurring - This mudra promises a lot more spiritual benefits.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beauty tips for Brides to Be

All brides want to look their beautiful best for their very special wedding day.
Drinking this juice will definitely clear the skin and improve the complexion.
Tomato juice -half a cup
Carrot and beetroot juice -half a cup.
ginger juice-one teaspoonful
honey-1 teaspoonful
lemon juice-1 teaspoonful.
and pepper-few pinches.
This juice mix can be taken twice a day.

This lehyam can be prepared and eaten twice a day for more benefits.
100 gm of Athimadhuram powder  and 200 gm of raisins and pound well.One spoon of this paste is eaten once or twice a day for a glowing complexion.
The juice is taken an hour after the intake of lehyam.

It is a good idea to start atleast 2 months before the wedding date and be very sure that the body is reacting well to it. For more info on Athimadhuram or Glycyrrhiza glabra refer:

I personally think that brides look beautiful because the happiness shining through their faces so stress is best avoided.

(image  of the south Indian bride is copyrighted)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My stint in Saigon and the specialty teas

canopy of a tree in Saigon.-image released into the public domain by author Madhavi Madhurakavi.
A tall tree in Ho Chi Minh city - possibly Dipterocarpus.image released into the public domain by author madhavi Madhurakavi.
A numbered tree trunk .image released into the public domain by Madhavi Madhurakavi.
I had to been to the beautiful Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam and was greatly charmed by the preciously numbered tall trees.The effort made by the government to monitor and conserve their vegetation is commendable.
The city was formerly called Saigon and it is truly a paradise for fruit lovers.The markets are filled with the  fresh and delicious mangosteens, dragon fruits, pineapples, the juicy water apples,the very sweet jack fruits,lichis, rambutans  ,sapodillas, custard apples, mangoes, durians ,guavas, soursops, grapefruits...and the list can go on.
The most dominant flowers I saw were the plumerias and allamandas along the roads.
The country values its  herbal medicines but unfortunately I couldn't gather too much information.
Though the coffee of Vietnam is famous I found the tea section to be more interesting.

The Lotus tea promises  to detoxify and help patients suffering from hypertension and insomnia.
The Grapefruit tea supposedly works for stomach aches and indigestion.
The other teas were Soursop tea ,green teas with many flavours,Ginger tea,Chrysanthemum tea and many other special teas with directions for use for various ailments.This was similar to the kwaths or kada of India where a herb is boiled in water and drinking the decoction will have a beneficial effect.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home made golis for cough and cold in the rainy season

The rainy season brings sniffles in children and adults.This home made ayurvedic golis can prevent and effectively cure cold ,cough,indigestion problems and fevers .
  100 gm of fresh Neem leaves are washed well and made into a paste with 50 gm of peppercorns.The tree should be old enough growing in an unpolluted place.The mixture is made into small pea sized golis * .The spherical tablets are dried well in the shade and stored .
1 goli is smashed  and taken with honey once or twice a day for the problems mentioned above.For children the dose is halved.

* goli is a spherical form of medicine.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ginger lehyam for breathing problems

Ingredients needed:

400 gm  undiluted ginger juice

70 gm -Jaggery Powder

5 gm -Methi powder (fenugreek seeds/menthulu/vendhayam)

5 gm of dried ginger powder(Sont/Sonti/Chukku)

5 gm-Cinnamon powder  (Dalchini , Patta)

5 gm -Black pepper powder  (Kala mirch ,Miriyalu)

5 gm clove powder (laung,Lavangam,krambu)

5 gm elaichi powder (cardamom,Elakulu)

5 gm bay leaf powder(aku pathri or biriyani aku in Telugu,Brinji ilai in tamil and Tej pattha in Hindi-Latin name:Cinnamomum tamala)

The above ingredients are available in the super markets in India.The names in Tamil,Telugu and Hindi are mentioned.
2 more ingredients are needed which are common in Ayurveda stores.

5 gm of Long pepper (Pipli,Pippalu)

5 gm of Nagkesar powder.

Method of preparation:
Pour the ginger juice in a wok and add the jaggery powder to it and keep stirring on a low flame.The mixture becomes thick and syrupy.Stir in the other powders and turn off the heat.Cool and store the mixture in a clean dry glass jar.

Dosage :
1 - 5 gm a day for children and
5-10 gm a day for adults half an hour before food .

Most  problems like wheezing,whooping cough and breathing related problems will reduce by eating this lehyam.It is most often used in winters and rainy season.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pomegranate juice for cholesterol levels

Drinking a small glass of Pomegranate juice in the mornings or evenings will definitely reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood.This must be done for 41 days.
Exercise should be a part of everyday routine.Fried foods and high calorie foods must be avoided.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jambul for Diabetes

Syzygium cumini or Jambul / Java plum is a very common tree found in most parts of India.
Syzygium cumini , Jambul.Picture released into the public domain by author Madhavi Madhurakavi

The fruits are slightly astringent and mature fruits are dark purple in colour.

This tip is recommended by the Baba Ramdevji's ashram .
250 gm of the washed fruit is boiled in 500 ml of water.
The fruits are then mashed well .Drinking this decoction thrice a day will help in reducing the high blood sugar levels.It is also beneficial for some problems related to men's health.

Jambul - Neredu in Telugu
Tamil- Naava pazham.

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