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Monday, July 16, 2012

Ginger lehyam for breathing problems

Ingredients needed:

400 gm  undiluted ginger juice

70 gm -Jaggery Powder

5 gm -Methi powder (fenugreek seeds/menthulu/vendhayam)

5 gm of dried ginger powder(Sont/Sonti/Chukku)

5 gm-Cinnamon powder  (Dalchini , Patta)

5 gm -Black pepper powder  (Kala mirch ,Miriyalu)

5 gm clove powder (laung,Lavangam,krambu)

5 gm elaichi powder (cardamom,Elakulu)

5 gm bay leaf powder(aku pathri or biriyani aku in Telugu,Brinji ilai in tamil and Tej pattha in Hindi-Latin name:Cinnamomum tamala)

The above ingredients are available in the super markets in India.The names in Tamil,Telugu and Hindi are mentioned.
2 more ingredients are needed which are common in Ayurveda stores.

5 gm of Long pepper (Pipli,Pippalu)

5 gm of Nagkesar powder.

Method of preparation:
Pour the ginger juice in a wok and add the jaggery powder to it and keep stirring on a low flame.The mixture becomes thick and syrupy.Stir in the other powders and turn off the heat.Cool and store the mixture in a clean dry glass jar.

Dosage :
1 - 5 gm a day for children and
5-10 gm a day for adults half an hour before food .

Most  problems like wheezing,whooping cough and breathing related problems will reduce by eating this lehyam.It is most often used in winters and rainy season.


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