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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beauty tips for Brides to Be

All brides want to look their beautiful best for their very special wedding day.
Drinking this juice will definitely clear the skin and improve the complexion.
Tomato juice -half a cup
Carrot and beetroot juice -half a cup.
ginger juice-one teaspoonful
honey-1 teaspoonful
lemon juice-1 teaspoonful.
and pepper-few pinches.
This juice mix can be taken twice a day.

This lehyam can be prepared and eaten twice a day for more benefits.
100 gm of Athimadhuram powder  and 200 gm of raisins and pound well.One spoon of this paste is eaten once or twice a day for a glowing complexion.
The juice is taken an hour after the intake of lehyam.

It is a good idea to start atleast 2 months before the wedding date and be very sure that the body is reacting well to it. For more info on Athimadhuram or Glycyrrhiza glabra refer:

I personally think that brides look beautiful because the happiness shining through their faces so stress is best avoided.

(image  of the south Indian bride is copyrighted)

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