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Monday, July 30, 2012

Reiki - an introduction.

Reiki is a healing practice originally developed by Mikao Usui. 'Reiki ' in Japanese can be roughly translated as the universal life force.

Mikao usui -image source: wiki - picture in the public domain.

Anyone can access this energy and heal themselves and others after an attunement from a master.The masters are specially trained to initiate people who are interested in learning .
The healing takes in the physical and emotional levels.This process of initiation takes less than a day and the reiki energy is initiated to the persons system.It is practiced by people of all faiths.There are generally 3 levels in Reiki .
Symbols and crystals are sometimes used to enhance the reiki energy.

Generally while healing, the reiki practitioner and the healee experience a sensation in the hands.It can be felt as  a soft warmth or a tingling sensation.Sometimes there is no sensation but the  healing happens.
 The practitioner need not exert physically or emotionally.The flow is not affected by the health of the healer and it flows according to the needs of the healee.
  Reiki works well on animals and plants and sometimes helps in easing situations.
Reiki does not have any side effects though at the beginning of the treatment some people may experience some unpleasantness because of the initial healing process and the deblocking.
Reiki does not interfere with other branches of medicine or meditations.It always treats at the root cause level so an accurate diagnosis is not necessary.
Everything has to be substantiated with tangible scientific proof to get the  stamp of approval from  people and reiki is no different.A lot of research has been carried out in the magneto-biology field where effects on magnetic fields on living systems can be measured with instruments like SQUID and magnetometers.These instruments have measured reiki energy . Kirlian photography also explained some aspects of reiki.
In spite of all the proof of  reiki is not decoded.There are still many mysteries about the science waiting to be solved.

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