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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kalanchoe laciniata- for headaches

Kalanchoe-image author:Leo Michels -in the public domain.
Kalanchoe  - image in the public domain by Leo Michels

This plant is interesting to watch as a mature leaf has many tiny plants growing in the leaf nodes.It is an ornamental plant for the same reason.Similar plants are classified under Bryophyllums.

Telugu - Patra beeja (which means the seed is the leaf )
Tamil - ( similar plants) Katti pottal kutti podum  - (Which literally means -the leaf gives birth to young ones.)

Some similar species are known as  -Leaf of life, Pregnant plant.
The leaf is needle like ,dark green ,succulent and corrugated at the leaf nodes.

The leaf is crushed well and the juice is massaged on the forehead for the head pain to reduce.


  1. can you explain this Kalanchoe laciniata ?

    health tips

  2. Hi
    Due to copyright issues I could not put up a proper image.Searching for" Kalanchoe laciniata (Linn.) Christmas tree plant " will give a fairly good idea about the identification of the plant.


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