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Monday, May 7, 2012

4 'O clock plant leaves for heat boils in summer

image source-wiki-in the public domain-Mirabilis jalapa

Latin name : Mirabilis jalapa
Telugu-Pattida puvvu,chandrakaantham,chandhrakantha
Tamil- andhi mandarai or anji mandaram
Hindi - Gul abbas
Kannada -Naaluku ghante hoo (meaning it blooms at 4 )
aka -beauty of the night .

This plant looks like a small bush and the flowers bloom in the evenings hence the names.The flowers are a very attractive and range from bright purple to pink to yellow and white.
This plant is quite common in India and it blooms through summers.

People suffer from heat boils in summers.They are painful and don't seem to go away.
This is remarkably simple tip for the problem.
Pluck one leaf -wash it well and pat dry.Smear a few drops of Castor oil over both the sides of the leaf and graze it over the flame for 2-3 seconds on both the sides.The leaf wilts immediately.When the leaf is lukewarm place it on the boil .It is ideally kept on  the boil for a few hours.
This can be done once a day for 3-5 days.
The boil reduces in size and disappears.
( My mother used to do this for me when I was young - and it always worked really well ).

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