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Friday, May 4, 2012

An ayurvedic aid for rectal prolapse

Prolonged constipation in a few people results in a rectal prolapse.This is a condition in which the rectum  protrudes a little through the anus.
This simple recipe helps in reducing the problem.
Tender lotus leaves are washed well and dried and powdered.The petals of the lotus flowers* are also dried and made into a churn.Both the powders are mixed and an equal quantity of rock candy sugar (mishri ) is added.This mixture is stored in a clean dry glass jar.
A small spoon of the powder is taken along with water two times a day.Meanwhile the constipation problem should be avoided.
This helps in bringing back the rectum to a normal position.
Rectal prolapse is also known as Ghuda bramhsa in Hindi .
The lotus plants should have been growing in a good marshy area which is irrigated with normal clean water.
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* Lotus -Thaamara, Thaamarai, Kamal.


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