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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Audhambar tree - Goolar fig

image source : wiki .Picture in the public domain
Scientific name :Ficus racemosa
Hindi : Goolar
Tamil and Malayalam : Atthi pazham
Telugu : Medi, Udambaramu
English :Cluster fig

This tree holds a great religious significance as it is the tree favoured by Lord Dattathreya.
Generally the flowers are not seen as the fruits are a cluster of the flowers and the fig wasps take up the duty of pollinating them.
The great Telugu poet Yogi Vemana who is very famous for his simple yet profound quatrains (usually in the "Dancing lady meter") described it thus :

" Medi pandu chooda melimaiundu  
Potta vippi chooda purugulundu"

Meaning -  The  fig looks fine on the outside but there are many insects inside the fruit - Which goes to say that appearances can be very deceptive.

This tree has many medicinal properties .It is found near temples and can be easily recognized by clusters of fruit growing directly from the bark.

Photo author:J.M.Garg .GNU free documentation license.Lineated barbet eating gular fig

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