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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A good tip for men's health

Cotton is a very common cash crop and in spite of the fierce competition from other fibers , cotton clothes are still preferred in summers.This plant  has many medicinal properties .The root decoction is known to cure many female disorders but this particular tip is for improving men's health.

The Indian cotton plant-image in the public domain .

The flowers of the Cotton plant (Gossypium herbaceum) are shade dried and powdered and stored .
 Milk is boiled well and mixed with boiled green gram dal * and sugar.This sweet mixture or kheer / Payasam is mixed with 3 gm of the cotton flower churn  and eaten.This improves the reproductive health in men.

* Green gram dal - Pesara pappu in Telugu
Pacha paruppu in Tamil
Moong dal in Hindi.

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