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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mudras for healing - Part 17 -For regularizing periods in women.

Mudra for irregular periods in women
photo author :Madhavi Madhurakavi
image under copyright.

This mudra can be done continuously for 15 minutes per session and 3 times a day.The tips of the middle finger,ring finger and the thumb are brought together as shown in the picture.The person is required to sit comfortably with an erect spine and keep calm while practicing this mudra with both the hands.
This can regularize the periods for women who get their periods twice or thrice a month.
for more information about mudras and how mudras work you may refer :

The previous post describes another mudra which can benefit women suffering from pain during periods.


  1. The mudra described above is helpful when the cycles are too short
    Which mudra I need to practice when the cycles are too long (around 60 days)?
    thank you for your answer

    1. This mudra is said to be helpful to make the periods regular-whether long or short.

  2. Hi, my wife is suffering from periods problems since 3 years, have consulted many doctors but no use. Every time her period cycle falls 7-8days earlier to previous month. with heavy and after some days with little discharges. In this period she suffers a lot, physically and mentally.
    Some doctors suggests to remove 'Gharbhacheela'. Kindly help her to get ride of this please.

  3. what is the name of this MUdra ??


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