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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Soapnuts cure for "loss of hair in small patches " in Ayurveda

Sometimes hair falls off or thins out  in a small patch on the scalp or on the moustache for men.This is also known as Alopecia.It is known as "Penu Korukudu " in Telugu.
This particular remedy was recommended by Panditha Elchuri:

Rub a soap nut on a rough stone with salt water and collect the thin paste and rub it on the hair loss patch twice or thrice  a day.The salt used must be sea salt.
Hair growth starts in 3 days after this treatment.
(for more info on soap nut refer 27-9 post.)



  1. As described by rose, soap nuts contain saponin, which almost similar to soap

  2. is the soap nut reetha or something else?

  3. yes-soapnuts are reeta...pl. refer the link given in the post for more info and image...


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