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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The germ killing properties of Copper.

photo source wikipedia.org - public domain.

Copper * is a brown metal with a beautiful sheen used widely for making utensils and in many Industries.

  •                 " Copper water" is always recommended in Ayurveda .Clean water must be kept overnight in a clean copper vessel and it is good to drink this water in the morning.
  • Copper is naturally microbial resistant.It also kills microbes and germs thus making the water very drinkable.
  •   Copper  kitchen sinks are being preferred by some these days because of this property of  resisting bacterial growth.Stainless steel sinks look clean and shining but the scratches on its surface have many microbes in them.Especially the E.coli bacteria can live for 2-3 weeks in a  normal kitchen sink but cannot survive for so long in a Copper wash basin.
  • However Copper water cure should not tried by people with high levels of copper and pregnant ladies.
* Copper is called thamba in Hindi.Thamiram in Tamil and Raagi in Telugu.


  1. Very true to say that "copper water" is very beneficial.. As it makes our immune system strong..

  2. Copper is almost beneficial, most of people have adopted the 1st tips


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