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Sunday, September 19, 2010

An ayurvedic cure for Scabies

This is only a  relief for itching.A doctor's consultation is recommended.

Mix equal quantities of Sandalwood paste to coconut oil and apply in the affected portion.The itching disappears.
--As recommended by Dr.Elchuri.


  1. Ms. Madhurakavi,
    Some how I got your profile on my computer and wanted to drop some lines.

    We live in USA, and my son got scabies.

    Personally I am an old fashioned person and believe in natural healings.

    He is trying all kind of medicines and I was little bit nervous as I read one of his computer sites saying there is no remedies for this problem. So I decided to go on Ayurveda therapies and noticed it says using sadlewood and coconut oil can help him get rid of this problem. We live in a small town and we will have to go to Atlanta and get these things from Indian Grocery Stores, which we would do.

    I noticed that you are interested in ,medicinal plants and if I can do anything please let me know.

    I live in a small city name Dothan, in the state of Alabama. It is my hobby to drive around and find natural things. We have honey growers and they do it in the back of their houses. I buy pure honey from them and put them in small packs and give it to my friends. I dont know it is true or wrong but 2 of my fiends with cancer fully cured.Off course they take regular therapies and medicines but I am sure honey also contributed somewhere. One day I was at my religeous gathering. After our prayers we eat together. I was eating my diner and one of the participant start talking to me. He said do you remember you gave me honey last year. I said Sir, may be, but I dont remember. He said I gave him honey and he mix it with ginger, garlic and he said one more thing,which I dont remember. He said doctors are saying 40%of his cancer is gone.

    I dont know what is my contribution. All I know is it is gift of God and somewhere I feel I am trying to be a human than a man.

    This my first letter and bit long.

    My second concern:

    My daughter who is 24 is diagnosed with a rare skin disorder called ECTODERMAL DYSPLASIA. I would talk to you more about her condition and meanwhile if you have any suggestion, please let me know.



  2. Mr.Rafiq
    It is mentioned in many books that Neem oil also is a good cure for scabies and other skin problems .Alternatively Neem leaves may be boiled with water and this water is used a s bath water.Tender neem leaves may be crushed and eaten on an empty stomach for a week.You can try any of these remedies.Be sure he is not allergic to Neem.
    About your daughter-Ectodermal dysplasia is a complicated condition with different kind of manifestations and causes.Only an ayurvedic Vaidya will be able to evaluate her case.I am not an Vaidya.
    There are many reliable doctors who understand the symptoms on phone and prescribe medicines and send them by post.This is if you dont have access to any doctors.
    Your experience with honey cure was good to hear.Your good intentions also contributed to their cure.
    I will pray for the good health of your family.

  3. Thank you for your comments.
    I am able to get Sandal powder and Neem Oil from Indian Grocery Store and applying on my son, but so far he is still suffering from this.
    We dont have neem trees over here but I would check at Indian stores, if they have dry leaves of neem.
    What do you think about mustard, as I remember it is very very effective anti biotic. I have oil as well I can arrange mustard powder also.
    As far my daughter, I intend to take her to Kerala and hopefully it would atleast help her with her wounds which are very painful.
    Once again thank you very much for your input and all I have is prayers from the depth of my heart.
    God bless You.

    1. Hi Rafiq,

      My son also got infected with scabies. I am also looking for some herbal and natural healing. I would like to know how did your treatment went with neem oil ? Did it worked. Please share the solution.


  4. Mr.Rafiq-I am sure your daughter's health condition will improve.Do continue the remedies for your son.I am sure it will help him.Thankyou for all your positive comments and prayers.Do let me know about any progress.
    I know mustard oil helps in some skin conditions like xerosis and it is also used for some asthmatic conditions but I am not sure about its uses as an antibiotic.

  5. Ms. Madhurakavi,
    I am from India and wanted to know about cure for Right Breast Cancer for my mom already gone through conventional protocol a year back the process ends in August 15.

    1. Hello Ms.Gupta, I wish your mom a very speedy recovery... I am searching for good healing therapies for people recovering from cancer...I'll post them when I find them satisfactory.


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