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Monday, September 20, 2010

Medicinal effects of Marigold

picture source:wikipedia ,Public domain
Marigold :Latin name:Tagetes erecta has many medicinal uses.It should not be confused with Dandelion or Calendula which may be similar but have different medical properties.

It is also called  Genda phool in hindi, Banti puvvu in Telugu and Zandu in a few Indian languages.

  •  It is used as a natural food coloring.The extracts of the flowers are used as a food additive  for coloring agent in  industries.

  •  It's flowers are used in face packs.The flowers are made into a paste with honey and applied on the face for a glowing complexion.

  •  It is used for repelling insects and pests in fields.Insects and even some kind of mosquitoes do not attempt to live around this plant.So they are planted in between crops in fields.

  • It is also a natural rain indicator.They bloom usually in the mornings but if they are closed shut  or become compact it indicates stormy weather ahead.

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