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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ayurvedic Clothes

The increase in awareness of Ayurveda has inspired a few companies both in and outside India to launch a range of clothing which has Ayurvedic  medicinal herbs infused in them.
The fabrics used are usually cotton and silk and other natural fibres like jute.
A wide variety of  healing clothing like Sarees,Salwar suits,Materials,Towels  and bedsheets are available.
The clothes are dyed naturally with many well known natural dyes like turmeric,Neem,Indigo and Lodhra.Barks and roots are also used.
The apparel  companies claim that these are very beneficial for health and for various specific ailments like skin diseases,diabetes ,indigestion and hypertension.They have the maximum effect when worn while sleeping or meditating.These Ayurvedic medicinal  fabrics are said to have blood purifying properties and they  also cleanse the toxins from our body.
The price range is from rupees 1000 to 2000 for a Saree.The concept started originally in Kerala but the clothes are available in a few  specific stores in India.
(I have not tried out the clothing - I will post more info later).


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