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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A help for facial paralysis

Acorus calamus or the sweet flag on top,Nigella sativa in the middle and dried ginger 

1 st image from top :
Acorus calamus :Latin name
Sweet flag  - in English
Bach in Hindi
Vasambu in Tamil
Vaembu in Malayalam
Vasa kommulu in Telugu

2nd image:
Nigella sativa
Kalonji in Hindi
Karum jeeragam in Tamil
Nalla jilakarra in Telugu

3rd image

Dried ginger
Sont in Hindi
Sonti in Telugu

Take 100 gm of sweet flag rhizome and soak in water for 12 hrs.Remove and crush them well and dry them in the sun and grind to a powder.
Dry roast 50 gm of  kalonji and 50 gm of dried ginger .Grind them to a very fine powder.Mix the 3 powders and add honey to the mixture.Store in a jar.
Eating 5 gm of this mixture twice a day will definitely improve the symptoms of the facial paralysis.
Paralysis symptoms sometimes reduce with the same treatment.
One must must avoid exposure to cold .

(P.S : Facial paralysis can be caused due to a number of reasons - a visit to a doctor ,a proper diagnosis ,treatment and post care is necessary.)

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