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Saturday, August 11, 2012

5 tips for a healthier heart

  1. Grind the seeds of the Tulsi plant (Holy basil).Take half a gm of this powder along with an equal quantity of mishri (rock candy sugar).This will improve the condition of the heart.
  2. 20 gm of fenugreek seeds (methi,menthulu) are boiled in a glass of water .Drinking this decoction with honey helps in reducing heart problems.
  3. Mix ginger juice with a little water .Drinking  this mixture will reduce the problem of the heart beating fast (palpitations).
  4. The early rays from the sun are said to have beneficial properties for a person suffering from heart conditions.It is recommended that the person wait for the sunrise and stand at least for 10 minutes in the sunlight.
  5. Drinking the juice of 1-3 lemons mixed with water will prevent heart attacks to a great extent.
(Heart ailments can sometimes be fatal-The tips are effective but a doctors consultation is necessary).
All the tips are taken from the book Arogyanidhi .

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